With disruption as the new normal in the modern marketplace, it's become more vital than ever for businesses to leverage consumer trends as a way to separate the signal from the noise. Kantar MONITOR clients use the MONITOR Energies—a set of emerging cultural and consumer lifestyle trends—as a powerful toolkit to do exactly that so they can find new sources of opportunity and future growth for their businesses.

We'd like to invite you to join our Kantar MONITOR Energies Immersion this May, giving you a full year of access to that trends framework and the tools to activate it within your business. You’ll receive more than 40 trends that are brought to life by more than 400 leading-edge examples and expressions from around the world from our Kantar MONITOR Streetscapes trendspotting network.
Kantar MONITOR Energies Immersion
Three high-impact webinars that will bring the latest trends to life through three disruptive lenses:
#1 Post-COVID Trends
Wednesday, May 12th at noon EDT

We’ll identify the trends that will matter most in a post-COVID world in which people start to re-engage and unleash a year’s worth of pent-up demand.
#2 Gen Z vs. Millennial Trends
Wednesday, May 19th at noon EDT

We’ll reveal how trends can help you better understand Gen Z and the key ways that this disruptive generation will differ from Millennials.
#3 Responsibility Trends
Wednesday, May 26th at noon EDT

A values shift not seen since the ‘60s is underway and is reshaping how consumers think about responsibility in everything from sustainability to inclusivity.
Your team will have access to our Cultural Streetscapes Microsite, a dynamic feed of global marketplace discoveries from our Streetscapes Network that signal evolving consumer values and emergent trends across the world.


For $25,000, you will get a comprehensive consumer trends framework, three webinars to bring it to life, access to our Streetscapes trends database and a follow-up advisory call with one of our trends experts to explore prioritization and activation. To learn more, please complete the form.
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