The increasingly central role of the home as a lifestyle and work hub will long outlast the pandemic's end. Too much has changed for consumers to go back to pre-pandemic lifestyles and routines.
With this in mind, Kantar has built a series of initial forecasts for how home and home life will evolve in the coming 12-24+ months. Our thinking has been bolstered by business leaders from more than a dozen businesses during our recent Co-Lab roundtable. The learnings from that session were synthesized with Kantar’s analysis on the changing nature of the home, resulting in a final report, primed for use in planning and innovation efforts.

Organizations that purchase the Home as Hub analysis receive:

  • Initial roundtable, featuring members of Kantar’s thought leadership and foresight team, where sponsors are able to share key areas of interest and hear about our framing and incoming hypotheses.
  • Final report of 6-8 forecasts that define how the home and homelife will evolve in the coming 12-24+ months.
  • Private briefing and implication session led by members of Kantar’s foresight team.
We’re recovering but to a different economy.

—Jerome Powell
Federal Reserve Chair,
November 2020
Our Home as Hub analysis produced an initial series of forecasts describing how the home and home life will shift over the next 12-24+ months.
The forecasts include:

Each forecast explores the impact of these shifts and opportunities for growth.
"While not all jobs can be worked from home, a large enough shift in critical mass has occurred due to COVID—and more is on the way as WFH becomes normalized—that it will affect the marketplace as a whole.

This has massive implications for the entire ecosystem of commerce and will impact brands in categories ranging from food and beverage…to consumer electronics…to personal care and beauty…to media and entertainment.

Companies of all stripes must take on the challenge to understand the changing role of home and how it impacts their brands and their consumers."

— J. Walker Smith
Knowledge Lead, Consulting Division

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