Discontinuity as a Feature of the Marketplace, Not the Exception
The pandemic has made clear that the disruptions of the 21st century terrorism, financial crisis, the iPhone, political upheavals, pandemic is the new normal. The moderation and stability that characterized the quarter-century prior to the Great Recession is long gone; frequent and volatile business model discontinuities are set to strain operating and revenue models, which were built for a very different and more stable era.

Future growth opportunities will be found in different kinds of innovation, new styles of living and working, the next generation of technologies, and different approaches to risk. In this presentation, Kantar Chief Knowledge Officer J. Walker Smith shares a view of what this future will look like and a framework to guide business leaders for what they must do to capture future opportunities for growth.
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2021 MONITOR Energies

This May, U.S. and Global MONITOR will release their leading-edge cultural, commercial, and lifestyle trends framework, the MONITOR Energies. The Energies gather inspiration from the most vibrant edges of the marketplace and help businesses convert this energy into future-proofed strategies, from product innovation and brand strategy to messaging and creative execution.

The MindBase® Segmentation

This spring, the U.S. MONITOR will release the latest version of its generations-based attitudinal segmentation, MindBase®. Developed using the core attitudes and values of MONITOR, MindBase® has been projected onto a marketing database of 240 million U.S. adults for immediate activation on your CRM system and online and offline platforms.