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Rising to the moment: A roadmap for brands amid social unrest

MONITOR has been a thought leader in the areas of multiculturalism, polyculturalism, identity and inclusivity for decades, which affords us a unique perspective on the social, cultural and consumer insights and trends that have brought us to this point in the nation’s history—and what brands should and shouldn’t do as consumers increasingly look to the business community to lead on matters of social justice.
Download on Positivity

This U.S. MONITOR spotlight accentuates the positive—finding the upsides in the downturn and illuminating opportunities for your business, all while hopefully putting a smile on your face. To download a PDF of Downturn Upsides, please complete the form below.
Using Trends to Steer Through Disruption

This MONITOR webinar highlights some of our new 2020 trends addressing key cultural and consumer currents.

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