The Growth Strategy Library is a comprehensive collection of growth-related, action-oriented insights, frameworks, training materials, and tools to help guide organizations in finding new sources of growth.

Unlocking Growth

Blueprint for Recovery

How to accelerate growth coming out of the pandemic.
Uncomfortable States of Opportunity

Kantar thought-leaders talk about growth.
Follow the Money

What's different about growth in the future.
Finding Growth in Uncomfortable Places

Where growth can be found in the future.
Zero Based Growth

Finding growth in a future of slowing macro growth.
Defying Gravity

Finding growth in slowing or stagnant growth markets or economies.
21st Century Business

What the future business organization must prioritize and embody.
Succeeding in Low Growth Markets

A framework for spotting growth opportunities in weak markets.
Unlocking New Sources of Growth

How to transform a business to capture new kinds of growth.
Profiting From Change

How to turn change into growth opportunities.

Futures Thinking

A framework of 5 critical futures principles.
Coming of Age

How the marketplace is evolving and what that means for growth.
Market Leader: All Avenues Open

What the U.S. political climate means for growth.
The Third Age of Consumption

What the next cycle of the marketplace means for growth.
Market Leader: The Know Demand Economy

Growth in an algorithm-driven economy.

What niches and fragmentation mean for future growth.

Music Lessons

What music streaming teaches other brands about growth.
Social Innovation

Delivering social as a benefit.
Getting to High Value Innovation

Innovation for big ideas not small ideas.
New Rules of Innovation

Innovating for growth in the future marketplace.
Business Models
Business Model Innovation

The 4 key innovation opportunities from business models.
The Uber-All Economy

Growth in an on-demand marketplace.
Market Leader: The Pivot to Passive

The consumer decision journey in an algorithm-driven economy.