Growth is always available for companies prepared to capture it. Kantar's Consulting division specializes in enabling companies of every sort in all sorts of markets and economies to 'switch on growth.' The Growth Strategy Hub shares Kantar's wealth of knowledge and experience about growth — ideas and insights, points-of-view and data, frameworks and tools, case studies and contacts. Please reach out to us to switch on growth at your company.
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The Courage to Grow: Look in the Mirror, Not Out the Window

Growth is not a matter of the marketplace. It is all about the company. The impediments to growth sit within a company itself not in the marketplace. The first place to look for growth is internally not externally.

Companies must be ready and able to capture growth. In our new whitepaper, The Courage to Grow, Chief Knowledge Officer, J. Walker Smith outlines the 5 critical imperatives for future growth.
Growth Strategy Library

The Growth Strategy Library is a comprehensive collection of our growth-related, action-oriented insights, frameworks, training materials, and tools to help guide organizations in finding new sources of growth.
The Future of Consumption:
Getting Growing Podcast

Big ideas about growth from thought-leaders within Kantar speaking with J. Walker Smith, Knowledge Lead for the Consulting division of Kantar.

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